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From the traditional wisdom of Ayurveda draws the knowledge for its production of the brand of herbal products for the care of your hair Radico. The founder of the brand is Sanjeev Bhatta, who, along with his team of collaborators, is constantly developing and testing new ways to put us in touch with nature in our everyday lives. Thus, with humility, gentleness and a focus on tradition, the brand brings us a range of shades of 100% natural herbal hair dyes that are made exclusively from organic ingredients. It brings not only a new shade to the hair, but also strength, shine and health. Thus, using them will become your ultimate beauty ritual.

From traditional Ayurvedic herbs, Radic not only makes hair colours, but also mixing and combining them to create other products like hair herbal treatments to restore the natural properties of our hair or powder shampoos and conditioners for all-natural daily hair care.

All Radico products have achieved Cosmos Organic certification, which guarantees you are purchasing quality, organic products that are kind to your health and our Earth.

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