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Tierra Verde Soap Nuts (bucket 5 Kg)

Brand: Tierra Verde

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Product description

Soapnuts are a purely plant-based detergent that makes laundry cheap, gentle yet effective. They are designed for all types of laundry including the softest materials and functional sports textiles. They soften laundry naturally, eliminating the need for fabric softeners.

To use:

Wash coloured laundry in the washing machine:

Place the appropriate number of tablespoons (see chart) in a cloth bag, tie tightly and add to the washing machine drum with the laundry. It is not necessary to use water softener, fabric softener or laundry softener because the saponin in the soapnuts softens the water.

Wash white laundry in the washing machine:

Soapnuts do not contain the bleaching and brightening agents that are added to conventional detergents. Therefore, when washing white laundry, it is advisable to add Puer bleaching powder and stain remover to the washing batch.


Place the nuts in a sealable container (jar) of warm water (see table above for dosage). Leave to infuse overnight. When you shake the jar in the morning, you can see the saponin released in the water foaming. Pour the prepared liquor into a container or basin with a wash bath and wash. The soapnut husk leach will keep for a day at room temperature, or about three days in the refrigerator.

The Czech-Slovak company Tierra Verde s.r.o. produces eco-friendly products under several brands. Its eco-friendly drugstore is called Yellow&Blue, while Tierra Verde's cosmetics and pet products have been aptly named Catz&Dogz. Tierra imports bags, towels and sachets for daily use under the brand names Casa Organica or Mama Natura, and also has Gaia Cup menstrual cups for women. All of their drugstore products are manufactured in Brno and we think they are the cleanest Czech brand of eco-drugstore. This is also evidenced by the recognised Eco Garantie certificate, which it is the only one in the Czech Republic to boast. No products or substances are tested on animals and only pure vegan products can be found in our range.

Certificates: EcoGarantie

Percentage of natural raw materials: 100%

Country of origin: Czech Republic

Dosage: soft water: up to 60°C - 3-4 pcs (1 pol. 4-5 pcs (1,5 tablespoon/12 g), above 60°C - 4-5 pcs (1,5 tablespoon/12 g). hard water: up to 60°C - 5 pcs (1.5 tablespoon/15 g), above 60°C - 6 pcs (2 tablespoons/15 g). 2 tablespoons/18 g)

Scent Origin: unscented

Ingredients: Organic soapnut hulls (sapindus mukorossi)

Weight: 5000 g

Product code
  • TVE107

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