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Pedag is a German brand of shoe care products and accessories. Take care of your (not only) ethically made shoes with love and care to make them last as long as possible. The Pedag brand delivers environmentally friendly products, made without unnecessary chemicals.

Treating shoes with impregnator creates a protective invisible layer that not only keeps water out of the shoe, but also protects against dust and dirt and nourishes the shoe material to extend its life. To keep your shoes smelling fresh, use a antibacterial spray with a deodorising effect after each wear. For cleaning the white soles and lining of modern sneakers, this cleaner is perfect.

Not only your shoes, but also your feet are taken care of by Pedag. Give them the care they deserve for their all-day service with this antibacterial spray. Then, by inserting the gel cushion into your shoe, you'll relieve congested feet as well as your back.

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Pedag Eco - set

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